8 Ideas for a Bucks Night in Melbourne

Your best mate has chosen you to be the one to stand at the altar with him as he weds his love. One of your jobs will be to ensure that he has a party worthy of the fact that he’ll no longer be a bachelor. He’s about to be a married man. When it comes to Melbourne bucks night ideas, you’ll want to think of things he loves to do. You’ll also need to ensure that the entire party is one that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

#1 Party Cruises

bucks cruise Melbourne
A great idea for the groom’s party is to take advantage of a party boat cruise. There are plenty of party packages that include lingerie models or topless women to serve drinks and food. The party boat can be rented for a few hours, and often includes unlimited beer or wine as well as food. The party package that you choose will explain what kind of benefits you’ll have at your bucks party on the water. We can help you organise the ultimate bucks cruise in Melbourne, just browse our packages and we’ll help with the rest.#2
Strippers and Entertainment

strippers Melbourne

The best bucks night is one that he’ll remember forever. If he’s like most men, it’ll need to involve strippers and too much drinking. Everyone in the groom’s party will love a lap dance at a strip club. You could also decide to hire strippers and naked entertainment in a private location. It could be your home where you surprise the groom with a night of naked women, or you could have them at a local venue. Make sure everyone is on board with this type of entertainment because the bride’s father might not enjoy a night of watching his future son-in-law with a naked woman on his lap. Check out our lineup of Melbourne beauties here.

#3 Poker Nights

poker night Melbourne

Some bucks might like to experience a night on the town where he’s the big player. You could bring him to a casino in a luxurious car like a celebrity. There are often private poker rooms that can be rented for the entire night. They come with dedicated dealers and waitresses delivering drinks and food. This is an opportunity to hire a lingerie waitress to bring the food, or serve the men drinks from a private bar. If you can’t rent a room at the casino, consider other bucks party venues in Melbourne for your poker night. Perhaps the best of all is combining a cruise with a poker night, and making out like you’re a bunch of riverboat gamblers.

#4 Getting Away from the City

paintball Melbourne

For an extreme-sports groom, you could bring him to play paintball during a weekend in the open. A rented cabin with plenty of beer could be the perfect weekend before he walks down the aisle. The cabin you rent could have access to a variety of outdoor activities like boating, fishing, or hiking. You’ll have to know your friend to know what he’ll love for his bucks party.

#5 Fancy Dinner

fine dining Melbourne

Some bucks would think that the best bucks night involves wine and a fine meal. Many bucks like to experience unique culinary delights as well as learning about new wines they may never have experienced before. A tasting menu with a variety of wines will delight the buck who loves fine food. For those accompanying the groom on his night out, they might like to pair the wine with a beautiful woman entertaining them in a private dining room. Consider whether a restaurant will allow you to rent a room for your party then hire a stripper. We can arrange some class A food on board a cruise, so don’t feel like you need to make the choice between fine dining and getting out on the water for a night.

#6 Private Box for a Sporting Event

corporate box Melbourne

You don’t have to spend the night drinking and blacking out for the groom to have a good time at his buck event. When it comes to bucks day ideas, you could rent a private box at his favourite sporting event. He’ll be treated like a VIP and entertained for hours with food and beer. It could be the prelude for a night on the town too.

# 7 Pub Tours

Melbourne pub

A bucks night doesn’t have to be about naked women and drunken parties. It could be a last night out with the guys as a single man doing a pub tour of the city. You could organize the pub tour to take him through places he spent in college, or places that have some sentimental value to him. It could be a pub tour of the oldest bars in Melbourne.

#8 Fine Car Lovers

luxury car and hot girl

For the man who is into cars in a serious way, a day of driving a fine automobile might be all he needs. There are rental companies that will allow you to spend the day in a luxury automobile like a Porsche or Bentley. This isn’t normally a party that can involve many people except you as the best man and the groom, but this could be the day leading up to one of the other activities with the rest of the party.

The bucks night event that you choose as the best man should be one that fits with the personality of the groom. If he doesn’t love gambling, a visit to the casino won’t be a good fit. Make sure you pick an activity that will be one that he won’t forget for all the right reasons.

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