OMG Centrefolds in the Vogue Ballroom

It’s not often you get to announce an amazing new relationship but when it happens it’s hard to hold back. We feel compelled to scream from the rooftops, we have fallen in love with the Vogue Ballroom.

There is no grander venue to complete your perfect day. Ideally suited for wedding receptions and school formals, this venue is expansive with decadent high ceilings and beautiful finishes. Every touch from the drapes to the dance floor, chandeliers and ornate features this venue oozes wow factor.

With over 30 of history, the Vogue Ballroom’s style and class comes from it’s foundations. The moment you set eyes on the building you know you’ve come to the right place. From there every expectation is exceeded. It’s a big yes, yes and yes from us here at Centrefold. This is the Rolls Royce of venues!

What’s more, we think doing things properly is important but let’s face it, some brides to be get a little uncomfortable at the thought of the betrothed enjoying a wild bucks party prior to the big day. Well guess what? Lock in the Vogue Ballroom and the bride will be in heaven with the outcome and more than willing to forgive a night of madness with your mates.

Yes, she knows there will be strippers and nudity involved but as long as you keep it in your pants, it’s all good fun with the lads. This is where Melbourne’s private bucks cruise of choice comes into play, complete with topless waitresses and some extra special attention for the buck. That’s right, an all eye on him strip show with one of Melbourne’s hottest exotic dancers.

The big question is, will the guys have a good time? Mm, I wonder? Beautiful young women skipping around, scantily clad, chatting and being the life of the party. All while they enjoy a buck’s party drink and feast aboard an awesome cruise boat enjoying their favourite tunes.

So, its agreed, the perfect bucks night starts with locking in Melbourne’s best venue, The Vogue Ballroom. Happy wife, amazing bucks party. Now let history unfold.


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