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Instead of hosting a party at home or reserving a reception venue, consider booking a party cruise in Sydney Harbour. To create a night that your guests will always remember, set aside some time to plan and organise your event. For an amazing experience, you’ll need to make decisions regarding the party’s beverages, food, music and activities.


Beverage Organising Tips

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With a party bucks cruise Sydney, you’ll surely want to offer your guests a selection of alcoholic beverages. In most groups, there are usually a few people who don’t drink. To make them feel welcome, include non-alcoholic options. If your budget is on the tighter side, set up a few coolers with beer and malt beverages. You could also offer your guests choices like premixed bourbon and coke as well as vodka cruisers and hard lemonade. If you have more to spend on your party, hire a bartender to mix up your guests’ favourite drinks or book servers to roam the event with trays of champagne or wine.


Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, you’ll be ready to plan the amount of liquor that you’ll need to keep everyone happily inebriated for the duration of your party. Unless your group of attendees tend to drink a lot, plan one to two drinks per person for every hour of the event. If possible, assess the people that you intend to invite to determine the type of alcohol that you’ll need. This will help you keep costs down as you can invest more heavily on their preferred drinks. Estimate how many liquor drinkers, wine drinkers and beer drinkers that you’ll have at the bash. Keep in mind that some people like to mix it up by drinking a variety of beverages.


If your boat party is going to be a large event that includes a bartender and servers, then consider offering your guests two types of wine such as a white and a red. Also, stock the bar with the most popular kinds of liquor. This list includes rum, tequila, vodka, scotch, gin and whiskey along with specialty liquors such as Fernet Branca. When it comes to beer, purchase light and regular. You’ll also need to decide whether to buy domestic or imported beer. If you intend to offer mixed drinks, then add mixers like tonic and club soda as well as an assortment of soda pop and juices to your beverage list. Consider hiring a special attendant to make sure that your bar stays stocked with ice and garnishes such as lemons and limes.


Getting the Food in Order

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Even if your guests are more the bag of chips type, go big on the appetisers. Crustless mini quiches are a popular option. Since this type of hors d’oeuvre is served in small cupcake wrappers, it will be easy for your guests to mingle and eat. Crab beignets are another popular and unique appetiser choice. People will enjoy biting into these crunchy treats during your party. A tasty cheese spread over crackers will surely keep your guests happy as will goodies served on the end of a toothpick. Seasoned meatballs, little bacon wrapped hotdogs and fresh fruit are all easy to eat with a toothpick.


When it comes to organising the main part of the meal, consider a buffet. This will let everyone load their plates with the foods that they prefer to eat along with the amount. It also makes it easy for people to go back for more. Food ideas include pizza. Not only is it a dish that appeals to most people, but you can also order it for the meat and nonmeat eaters. Sushi is another food idea, and depending on the crowd, it may take your group off guard. If you would prefer to serve a traditional menu, select steak or burgers in addition to a range of side dishes. With a buffet-style spread, you can also organise a table of desserts as well as an after-dinner coffee bar.


A dinner party is another option. If your group prefers to sit down and share a gourmet meal, then you can create this experience for them during your cruise. Organising tips for this type of event include planning the menu, selecting a caterer, calculating the number of servers that you’ll need and arranging the space.


While you’ll want to make sure that there is plenty of alcohol available for your guests during a party cruise, offer appetisers as soon as people arrive to offset the effects of alcohol and limit out of control attendees. Keep your serving staff on hand for the duration of the party to pass out appetisers throughout the event.


Planning the Music

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To get and keep your party cruise in Sydney Harbour started, include music. With the right tunes, your guests will relax. They may even dance, which will surely escalate your event into a night that they’ll never forget. When it comes to the music, you’ll need to decide whether you want a live band, a DJ or a do-it-yourself setup.


The size of your event will be a consideration, but if you spring for a luxury yacht, there should be enough space for a few musical instruments. If you opt for a DJ, ask him or her to bring a variety of tunes from different eras. Request classic rock, today’s top 20 and a few of your favourite artists. Before the party, discuss the sound level with the DJ as you’ll want your guests to be able to enjoy their conversations. If you prefer to have complete control over the music, use a Bluetooth operated stereo system. With this setup, you’ll be able to create your own song list on your wireless Bluetooth accessible device. Plan a playlist that’s three to five hours long to avoid repeating it.


Bucks Party Activities

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When you book a boat party with Bucks, enhance the experience for your guests by arranging activities. Ideas include poker matches, murder mystery events and karaoke competitions. Arranging tips for a poker match consist of setting up tables and investing in a quality set of poker chips. To make it authentic, hire professional dealers to oversee the activity.


Since Sydney Bucks party ideas include planning a murder mystery event, consider ordering a story that takes place on a boat. This type of activity involves several active players who take on a role and tell their side of the story. Everyone on board can participate by trying to solve the murder.


If your guests like to cut loose by sharing their vocal skills, then karaoke is sure to make the night amazing. Equipment rentals are available, and you can order setups that include thousands of songs. Karaoke rentals are also easy to use, which will make the activity stress-free for you.


That’s it for the Best Bucks Night Ideas in Sydney

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To make a bucks night party cruise a memorable event, arrange for yours to include food, drinks, music and activities. By using a party planner like us, you’ll not only ensure that your party will flow smoothly, but you’ll also create a night that will be the hot topic of conversation between your friends for years to come.

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